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Cybet's top 10: The 10 most expensive Champions League teams

In this year's Champions League, the most expensive teams in Europe compete, so in cybet's top 10, there are the ten clubs that have the most expensive rosters of the institution, with the traditional teams of the old continent on the list.

10. In the last place of the ten is Milan. The "Rossoneri" are not only one of the 32 teams in this year's Champions League, but also have one of the ten most expensive rosters, as the money in the market reaches 529.15 million euros.

9. In ninth place is the Italian champion Napoli. The Neapolitans are in the top 10 with the most expensive rosters, as this year's team costs a total of 577.65 million euros.

8. One place higher on the list is Newcastle. The English have returned after decades to the Champions League and are determined to reach as high as they can, so they have a fairly rich roster which reaches almost 600 million euros and more precisely 598.

7. Barcelona is one of the teams with the most expensive rosters in this year's tournament. Xavi's team may have had quite a few financial problems in recent years, but the roster has excellent players with a total price of 814.30 million euros.

6. Manchester United. The "Red Devils" may not have had the best possible start this season, however, they have one of the richest rosters in Europe with a price tag of almost 900 million euros with the exact figure being 882 million euro.

5. Bayern Munich. Germany's reigning champions couldn't help but be in the relevant category. Specifically, they are in the middle of the top ten with their roster reaching 897.13 million euros.

4. One place higher is the team with the most conquests in the history of the Champions League. Real Madrid has one of the most expensive rosters as it reaches 1 billion euros, namely 991 million euros.

3. Paris Saint-Germain is in the top three. The French may have lost great footballers such as Messi, Neymar, Sergio Ramos, however, they have one of the most expensive rosters at €1.04 billion!

2. However, the money for the first two teams is even more. In particular, in second place is Arsenal, which is very close to the top, with the total amount reaching 1.09 billion euros.

1. As is perfectly normal since the name of the European Champion has not yet been mentioned, she will be at the top. Thus, Manchester City is at the top of the list as it reaches 1.18 billion euros, making it the team with the most valuable roster in this year's Champions League competition.

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