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Cybet Stories: El Clasico stories

By cy.Reporter, 22 October, 2021

A few hours before the first "clasico" of the season, cyNews "dives" into the past and reminds of old important stories that essentially "knit" the "tangle" of the eternal rivalry and created the clash of two different worlds. Stories that go beyond the four lines of the field and show that this rivalry has "rooted" several decades back…

1943. Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other in the semifinals. The political situation in Spain is particularly tense, as dictator Franco is in the regime. Until then, the relations between the two teams were not particularly tense, while the presidency of Blaugrana was the pro-Frankish Enrique Pinheiro, although it was already forbidden to have anything related to Catalonia in the emblem of Barcelona, ​​while the name had been changed. of the team in club de futbol Barcelona by Football Club Barcelona.

In the first match held in Catalonia, Barcelona prevailed 3-0 over Real Madrid, however the crowd was very expressive and in every way disapproved of the Real players, showing in every way their disgust for what their team had suffered since regime.

The news was learned in the capital and the people of Madrid were waiting to "reciprocate" the hospitality. As soon as the Barcelona mission arrived at the "Chamartin" station, the crowd that was eagerly waiting for Barcelona, ​​started throwing stones, cursing, hitting, with the Blaugrana footballers, to understand that the second match with Real Madrid was a football "hell".

A few hours before the kick-off, Barcelona's mission arrives at "Chamartin". People from the hotel to the stadium, threw stones, coins, whistled, creating a uniquely hostile atmosphere. Shortly before the kick-off, the Catalan locker rooms receive a visit from the director general of national security and the chairman of the national sports committee, General Moscardo, telling them: "You are here only because of the generosity of the regime that forgave your lack of patriotism." Then the referee was found, with the Barcelona players understanding that the conditions were not only football. With the Catalans coming out in the crossbar, the stones and the coins were "raining" with the goalkeeper of the team not being able to sit at the end of the objects he was receiving, as a result of which he was forced to be on the edge of the big area!

Only in the 5th Pudren did they make it 1-0, in the 30th minute the Madrilenians scored their second goal and somewhere there came the collapse of Blaugrana and within 15 minutes they conceded another 6 goals! Without realizing it, they found themselves losing 8-0 at halftime, however, due to the conditions, they could not continue to play, so there were thoughts of leaving. Somewhere there came the visit of the colonel who advised them to continue fighting and not to provoke the public again. Thus, the match continued and Barcelona lost 11-1. However, the penalties did not stop there, as Barcelona was fined 25,000 pesetas for the behavior of its players towards the public!

Summer 2000 Barcelona and Real Madrid prepare for elections. In Barcelona, ​​Luis Figo is one of the top names in the team and everyone sees the future leader of the Catalans. Several kilometers away in Madrid, Real Madrid is preparing for its own presidential election. Florentino Perez, a contractor by profession and a Real Madrid fan, wants to overthrow and win the presidency. Knowing the psychosynthesis of the Madrilenians, he decides to do his own "grosso trick".

Luis Figo will be the "siege lever" in the battle for the presidency of Real Madrid. Florentino Perez meets with the footballer's manager and they shake hands for a contract with six times the financial earnings compared to the money of Barcelona's contract. For his part, Figo's manager did this to pressure Barcelona to give a better contract to his client. Thus, each side took advantage of the situation and the needs that had been created.

When rumors started circulating, Luis Figo himself told the Barcelona management not to worry and that all these are just rumors and plans for the elections in Real Madrid. Florentino Perez had several aces up his sleeve, such as if Figo's transfer were not completed he would pay the subscription of all Real Madrid members for the 2000-01 season. However, Perez had committed the negotiators to Figo's transfer, as they had signed a private agreement that if Figo's transfer to Real broke down and Perez took over as president, they would give him 35 million euros as a penalty clause!

hus, Figo and his agent fell into the "trap" they had created, as Florentino Perez won the presidency, as a result of which they could not make many moves, as their private contract had been blocked. The new president of Barcelona, ​​Gaspart, could not pay so many millions of euros for a private contract, as a result of which the transfer of Luis Figo to Real Madrid could not be canceled.

June 24, 2000. Luis Figo is introduced by Real Madrid and the embarrassment on his face was obvious. Several kilometers away in Barcelona, ​​the friends of Barcelona could not have imagined that Figo became the football Judas of the planet overnight. So, the first time the Portuguese star visited the Camp Nou wearing the colors of Real Madrid, bottles, coins, lighters and a pig's head were found on his feet when he went to take a corner as an opponent of the team that believed in him…


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