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Did Messi deserve the Ballon d'Or?

Lionel Messi is the owner of yet another Ballon d'Or. Specifically, for the 8th time the Argentine superstar was named the best soccer player in the world for the past soccer season. Once again, however, this decision found many dissatisfied, as they did not want to see the World champion with Argentina win this distinction as well.

Many claimed that the golden ball should be given to Erling Haaland who was bionic and in his first season with the shirt of Manchester City, he was the protagonist in winning the historic treble, by winning the league in England, the cup and the Champions League. Many also argue that the individual statistics count, with Haaland surpassing the Argentine who moved in "shallow waters" with the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain, while even with the jersey of Inter Miami, he could not help them to stand out at the end of the season .

However, there is a big "but". The Argentine superstar was the absolute protagonist in the biggest football event of the season. The reason for the World Cup. Lionel Messi was the captain both on and off the pitch of an entire country and led Argentina to the title after almost half a century. In fact, he was decisive in all the matches in the knockout phase, as he was involved in almost all of his team's goals, something that no player managed in a World Cup.

So, if the weight of the competition is calculated, Messi was the top player in last season's top competition in the sport. Be that as it may, this debate is logically not going to stop, but it is of little importance in front of what he has achieved, culminating in the conquest of the top of the world, the only title missing from his collection.


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