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Match of the Week: Juventus - Fiorentina

By cy.Reporter, 20 April, 2022

Juventus-Fiorentina, second semi-final cup match (1-0), stadium: "Juventus Stadium", 22:00

Juventus and Fiorentina are facing each other for the second match of the semifinals of the Italian Cup, with the hosts having a qualifying lead after the 1-0 away victory in Florence. On the other hand, the guests only want a victory, in order to be able to be in the final of the event.


The hopes of counterattacking and approaching the top of the league may have been dashed in the home draw with Bologna, however, the organization of the cup is completely different and the goal is to qualify for the final as easily as possible. There are no particular problems in the team's competitive issues, with Bonucci who had felt discomfort in the last match being counted.


Fiorentina wants to seize the opportunity and take advantage of Juventus' instability in the last matches. "Viola" wants to reverse the situation to their detriment and initially score a goal that will give them hope of qualifying. In terms of competition, except for a long time, Castrovili will be left who suffered a cruciate ligament rupture and will be absent for a long time.

Plus and minus


+ At home in the institution of the cup he has four victories in five matches-

-In the last matches it presents instability, as it has only two victories in its last five games


+ She is in excellent condition and is undefeated in her last five games

- Has conceded in the last four of its five games away from home in the Italian Cup.




In the last five matches, Juventus has one draw, two wins and two defeats.



In its last five matches it has four wins and one draw


  • In four of its last five matches, less than 2.5 goals have been scored

  • Only one of the two teams has scored in three of Fiorentina's last five matches

  • In the last three of the last five matches of Juventus, less than 2.5 goals have been scored


In 59 matches Juventus has achieved 59 victories, 33 matches have ended in a draw and Fiorentina has prevailed nine times

Allegri: "I want to build something big"

Speaking about his goals with Juventus, the team's coach Massimiliano Allegri said: "I have not regretted a single moment for my return to Juventus. I was very happy he came back and I remain very happy. My 10-year-old son lives in Turin, so that was one of the reasons I chose Juventus. I wanted to have four years ahead of me so that I could build something big. I do not regret a single minute. "

Italian: "Nothing is impossible"

Speaking about today's match, Fiorentina coach Vicenzo Italiano stressed: "We have achieved important away victories, such as in Bergamo and Napoli, and we will try to achieve another great victory. "It will be bad if we do not succeed in achieving our goal, but nothing is impossible."


Juventus 4-2-3-1: Perrin, De Silio, De Licht, Bonucci, Sandro, Danilo, Zakaria, Bernardeschi, Morata, Rabio, Vlachovic

Fiorentina 4-3-3: Teratsiano, Venuti, Igor, Milenkovic, Birahi, Maleh, Amrabat, Torreira, Gonzalez, Piatek, Saponara



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