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"Matches of the day - 29 November"

By cy.Reporter, 29 November, 2022

Netherlands-Qatar, first group, third matchday, stadium: "Al Bait", 17:00, referee: Bakary Gassama, RIK1

Netherlands: Wants victory for first place

The Netherlands may not impress with their performance, but they have collected four points and need a draw to advance to the last 16, while with a win they finish first if Ecuador does not win. In terms of racing there are no problems and everyone is available for today's match.

Qatar: Leave with your head held high

Qatar have already been eliminated as they lost in the opener and the second leg, but they want to finish their duties on the best possible note, although against the Netherlands the difficulty increases. In terms of competition, Al Rawi is doubtful for today's match against Oranie.

Netherlands: 3-4-1-2: Goal: Noppert, defenders: Timber, Van Dijk, Ake, midfielders: Dumfries, Berquis, De Jong, Blind, midfielder: Gakpo, forwards: Weghorst, Bergwin

Qatar: 3-4-1-2: Goal Barsam, defenders: Miguel Correira, Houhi, Hassan, midfielders: Mohamed, Boudiaf, Madibo, Ahmed, midfielder: Heidos, forwards: Afif, Ali


· There have been fewer than 2.5 goals scored in four of Holland's last five matches

· Both teams have scored in two of Holland's last five matches

· There have been under 2.5 goals scored in two of Qatar's last five matches

Ecuador-Senegal, first group, third matchday, stadium: "Kalifa", referee: Clement Turpan, 17:00, RIK2

Ecuador: Passes with a draw

After the 1-1 draw with the Netherlands, Ecuador may feel wronged by the result as they were better in the second half. However today with a draw he will be in the knockout phase which will automatically be a success. In terms of competition, midfielder Mendes will be absent due to cards, while until the last minute it will be decided whether Valencia will play in the starting lineup.

Senegal: Needs a win to pass

Senegal may have started with a loss, but if they beat Ecuador today, then they will qualify for the knockout phase. In fact, there is also the scenario that with a win and a draw or a loss for the Netherlands, Senegal will be in first place in the group. In terms of competition, the extreme defender Toure is counted on, while Kouyaté will hardly catch up.

Ecuador: Galíndez, defenders: Torres, Porozo, Hinchapi, midfielders: Preciado, Gruezo, Caicedo, Estupinian, midfielders Plata, Ibarra, forward: Estrada

Senegal: 4-4-2: Goal: Mendy, defenders: Chambali, Koulibali, Diallo, Jacobs, midfielders: Diata, Mendi, Guegue, Sarr, forwards: Diedou, Dia


· In Ecuador's last five matches, there have been fewer than 2.5 goals scored

· Both teams have scored in one of Ecuador's last five matches

· In four of Senegal's last five matches there have been more than 2.5 goals scored.

Iran-USA, second group, third matchday, stadium: "Al Touma", 21:00, referee: Mateu Laoth, RIK2

Iran: It wants victory

After a 2-0 win over Wales, Iran need a win against the USA in order to celebrate qualifying for the knockout stage, or simply to avoid losing to the United States and at the same time prevent Wales from beating England to finish in the second place. In the racing matters Yahanbas and Beyranvad will be out.

USA: Only win

After two matches the USA has accumulated two points with the same number of draws. Thus, with a victory today against Iran, they advance to the next phase, which in the end is the only thing that will count. In terms of competition, there is no absence and everyone is available for today's match.

Iran: 4-3-3: Goal: Hosseini, defenders: Rezaian, Pourligandji, Hosseini, Mohammadi, midfielders: Nurolahi, Ezatollahi, Hadjisafi, forwards: Gholizadeh, Azmoun, Taremi

USA: 4-3-3: Goal: Turner, Defenders: Dest, Long, Zimmerman, Robinson, Midfielders: McKenney, Adams, Musa, Forwards: Reyna, Weah, Pulisic


· There have been fewer than 2.5 goals scored in four of Iran's last five matches

· Both teams have scored in two of Iran's last five matches

· There have been fewer than 2.5 goals scored in the USA's last five matches

Wales-England, second group, third matchday, stadium: "Ahmed Bin Ali", referee: Slavko Vincic, 21:00, RIK1

Wales: It takes a feat

He would have expected to have a better presence in the group, however the picture against Iran was disappointing. So in order to pass to the next round, they need a win with a difference of four goals or for the other game to be a draw. In competitive matters out is Hennessy who has been sent off and his place will be taken by Leicester goalkeeper Ward.

ENGLAND: He wants a simple victory

After two matches, he has collected four points and with a simple victory he advances to the next phase. It also qualifies with a draw if the other match is tied or the USA does not win by more than four goals. However, there is also the possibility of being eliminated in the event of a defeat by four goals and if there is a winner in the other pair. In racing matters there are no major problems.

Wales: 3-5-2: Goal: Ward, Defenders: Rawdon, Mepham, Davies, Midfielders: Roberts, Ramsey, Abadu, Wilson, Williams, Forwards: Bale, Moore

England: Goal: Pickford, Defenders: Trippier, Stones, Maguire, Shaw, Midfielders: Rice, Bellingham, Mount, Forwards: Foden, Kane, Sterling


· There have been under 2.5 goals in three of Wales' last five games

· In two of Wales' last five games, only one team has scored

· There have been over 2.5 goals scored in three of England's last five matches.

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