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Match of the Weekend: Freiburg - RB Leipzig

By cy.Reporter, 21 May, 2022

Freiburg-Leipzig, Cup final, Stadium: "Berlin Olympic Stadium", 21:00, cytavision3

Freiburg and Leipzig will face each other in the German Cup final, with the two opponents wanting to reach the trophy and finish their season in the best way and find the second title after the championship won by Bayern Munich.


In the final of the German cup is Freiburg, which is for the first time in its history in the final of the organization. This season in the German Cup, Freiburg was undefeated, managed and took advantage of the "passable" opponents they faced, so in the quarterfinals they eliminated Bochum and in the semifinals prevailed 3-1 over Hamburg and found themselves for the first time in the final of the institution, without stress. Leipzig. In terms of the place she finished in the championship, she was in sixth with 55 points, three less than her current opponent.


For the third time in its history, Leipzig will be in the final of the German cup. Domenico Tentesco's team wants to celebrate the trophy, as the two times it was in the final could not celebrate winning the cup. In this year's institution, it eliminated Hannover in the quarterfinals and in the semifinals of the institution, it prevailed over Union Berlin with 2-1 and was judged in the final. In terms of this year's course in the championship he finished in fourth place with 58 points, three more than


Plus and minus


+ She has scored 12 goals in her last five games

- Has conceded goals in all its last five matches.


+ Leipzig has scored in all its matches in its last five games.

-Creates a negative tradition, as it has two defeats in two finals that has been found.




He has two wins, two defeats and a draw in the last five matches



In the last five matches he has one draw, two wins and two defeats


  • Both teams have scored in the last five games of Freiburg in all competitions

  • scored more than 2.5 goals in the last five matches of Freiburg

  • In the three of the last five matches of Lepsia, more than 2.5 goals have been scored

  • Both teams have scored in three of the last five matches in Leipzig.


In 14 matches Freiburg has four wins, four draws and Leipzig six wins

Touch the. Dream

This season was one of the best in Freiburg, as not only was he a finalist in the German final, but he was very close to exiting the Champions League. In the last match, Freiburg only wanted a victory at the headquarters of Leverkusen, however, they lost 2-1. However, the psychology of everyone in the team is at an extremely high level and is preparing for today's match that will judge the title.

Leipzig in the Champions League

What Freiburg failed to achieve, Leipzig achieved. In the last match against Arminia, they drew 1-1 away from home and secured fourth place in the Bundesliga standings. Thus, she secured her participation in the Champions League of the coming season and today she wants to be "crowned" and a cup winner to end the season in the best way.


Freiburg: 4-4-1-1

Goal: Flecken, Right-back: Kumbler, center-back: Linhart, center-back: Sotherbeck, left-back: Gooder, center-half: Egestein, center-half: Hefler, Right-half: Salai, left: Grifo, midfielder : Heller

Leipzig: 3-4-3

Goal: Goulasi, right-back: Simakan, left-back: Halsteng, center-half: Limerick, center-half: Campbell, right-hander: Henerichs, left-hander: Angelini, right winger: Forsberg, Left: Enkunku, center forward: Andre Silva



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