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Match of the Weekend: Liverpool - Real Madrid

By cy.Reporter, 27 May, 2022

Liverpool-Real Madrid, Champions League final, stadium: "Stade de France" 22:00, cytavision3

The big moment has arrived! Liverpool and Real Madrid will face each other for the top of Europe and the conquest of another trophy in the Champions League. At the "Stand de France" the two of the most historic jerseys of the old continent with a total of 19 trophies will "duel" to add another trophy to their history. Will Liverpool of great successive victories or Real Madrid of epic upheavals win this year's tournament? In a few hours the answer will have been given.


The big moment came for Jürgen Klopp's team. He may not have been able to achieve perfection this season, however, after losing the championship in the last game in the Premier League to Manchester City, the attention of the entire football department has turned to the match against Real Madrid. After winning both the League Cup and the English Cup, the "Reds" want to celebrate an international title which is the most important for any football club. In the team's competitive issues, both Fambino and Joe Gomez trained in the previous days and were made available to Jurgen Klopp, while Thiago Alcantara will make a road race to reach the final.

Real Madrid

After winning an easy championship in Spain, Real Madrid has in front of them the most important goal of the season. Carlo Ancelotti's team went through many "obstacles" until they reached the final and made significant upheavals, such as with Manchester City where they scored two goals in the delays and led the match to extra time where then came the qualification. In the team's matters, the mission traveled to France without any problems and the Italian coach can plan his plans without any difficulty.

Plus and minus


+ She is constantly on the alert and this can help her in her racing rhythm

-Lost the championship in the last match and this may have affected the psychology of the team.

Real Madrid

+ He is without problems and offensively can find a way to score, as the 10 goals in the last five games certify the excellent strike line of the team.

-Due to the easy conquest of the championship, in the last few games the pace of the game was more relaxed and this can affect the team especially in the beginning




In the last five matches in all competitions he has four wins and one draw

Real Madrid


In the last five matches in all competitions, Real Madrid has two draws, two wins and one defeat.


  • In four of their last five games in all competitions, Liverpool have conceded goals and scored.

  • More than 2.5 goals have been scored in three of Liverpool's last five games.

  • In two of the last five matches of Real Madrid, more than 2.5 goals have been scored.

  • The only final that Real Madrid has lost on French soil was from Liverpool in 1981.


In eight matches, Liverpool has two wins, two draws and Real Madrid celebrated the victory four times.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about today's match and stressed: "It is good to have played other finals. I had said that when we won the final of 2019, against Tottenham. In all the finals my teams have played in the past, we played better football but lost. So we have to learn to win finals and we have won some. "

Carlo Ancelotti also spoke about the match against Liverpool, saying: "I really like the history of Liverpool. Like her old coach, Paisley, who had won the Champions League so many times. Liverpool has six in total and is just one behind Milan. "I have many friends in Milan who have given me ... an order to beat Liverpool, so that they do not beat us and Milan reach the trophies".


Liverpool: 4-3-3: Goal: Alcion, right back: Alexander-Arnold, center-backs: Conate, Van Dyke, left-back: Robertson, center-half: Henderson, right: Keita, left: Fambino, right winger Left: Diaz, center forward: Mane

Real Madrid: 4-3-3 Goal: Courtois, right back: Carvajal, center back: Militao, Alaba, left: Medi, center midfielder: Casimiro, right: Montrich, left: Kroos, right winger: Valverde, left: B center for: Benzema



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