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Basketball World Cup 2023 Analysis

Mundobasket is starting! The biggest celebration of basketball is ready to host the world's 32 best national teams in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. Of course, in the World Cup for one more event is the USA, however, because they do not have the superstars of the past, countries such as Canada, France, Australia, Spain will claim their chances. Of course, Greece will also be in this year's Basketball World Cup without several players like Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The event has been divided into eight groups of four. From the groups, the two will qualify where a total of 16 teams will remain in the competition and will qualify for the second phase of the groups. In this particular phase the teams will carry over their victories and will have been divided into four groups of four teams. The first two countries from each group will be in the knockout phase of the "8" and depending on the places they have finished, the "crossovers" will take place where they will reach the final of the competition to be crowned the World Champion on September 10.

First group



Dominican Republic


In the first group the two big favorites for the qualification to the next phase are firstly Italy which may have absences but excels in quality compared to the rest of the countries in the group and the Dominican Republic in which NBAer Carl Anthony Towns plays. Philippines and Angola are the two underdogs, however, the Filipinos, who are famous for their "run and gun" game which often resembles indoor basketball, will try to take advantage of the presence of their world and do "damage"

Second group


Puerto Rico


South Sudan

In the second group, Serbia and Puerto Rico stand out. Serbia is the absolute favorite to take the top spot and is one of the countries where they want to go high, while Puerto Rico wants to go to the next round as they are in the last major competitions and have experience. Kyle Anderson is competing in China and will be looking to help take second place, while South Sudan will be competing in a World Cup for the first time in their history.

Third group



New Zealand


Favorites for qualification to the next phase are the USA and Greece. Not only is the USA the favorite to take first place, but they are also the favorite to win another gold medal. They may not have the stars of the past, however, NBAers are competing in the USA, while Greece is the favorite to take the second place, although it has several absences, the most prominent of which is superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. New Zealand and Jordan are the outsiders of the group.

Fourth group





In the fourth group, the big favorite for the qualification is Lithuania, which, although it has absences, is one of the basketball "schools" as a result of which it is the favorite to be in the next phase. The remaining three teams are expected to claim the second ticket of the group.

Fifth group





Quite a difficult group with experienced and quality teams. Unfortunate for the host Japan, who will hardly be able to claim qualification for the next phase. The favorites are Australia and Germany, while Finland in the last competitions has been constantly on the rise and can claim its chances.

Sixth group




Cape Verde

The fifth group is a "gift" for Slovenia, as Luka Doncic's team will have no difficulty in winning the group, the other three teams are quite inferior to the Slovenians and are among the weakest in the world.

Seventh group




Ivory Coast

In the seventh group, the favorites for qualification are Spain and Brazil, as Iran and Ivory Coast do not seem to be able to claim qualification for the next phase of Mundobasket. Spain are also among the favorites to be in the top three of the World Cup.

Eighth group





The big favorites in the group are Canada with France to go on to the next stage and continue far in the tournament. However, Latvia is also a country with a tradition in basketball and it is not a negligible amount. On the contrary, Lebanon will hardly achieve even a victory.


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