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Euroleague Final four, "Its title time"

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 19 May, 2022

The celebration of European basketball is here, with Olympiakos Piraeus, Anadolu Efes, Barcelona and Real Madrid competing for the trophy. The matches will take place in Belgrade from 19-21 May. The final four was originally scheduled to take place in Berlin, but austerity measures in Germany had led the Euroleague administration to decide to relocate the final four.

Olympiacos Piraeus

Very close to winning the fourth Euroleague in its history is Olympiakos Piraeus who first wants the victory against Anantolou Efes and then another victory in the final of the tournament. The "Red and Whites" will have a dynamic presence of their friends, as they have quite good relations with the respective Red Star fans, so since the final four is held in Belgrade, there will be a dynamic presence on the field. In the regular season, Olympiakos finished in second place with a record of 19-9 and in the playoffs eliminated Monaco 3-2.

Anantolou Efes

The European champion Anantolou Efes wants to keep her "scepters" and do the "back to back" and the first "obstacle" is in the name of Olympiacos. The Turks faced several problems during the regular season in the Euroleague, however, in the end they reached the sixth place and in the playoffs they faced Armani Milano, which they eliminated, taking advantage of the many absences of the Italians. In the match issues, except for the match with the "Red and Whites", Krunoslav Simon will remain, who has not yet overcome the injury that has plagued him in recent weeks.


Barcelona wants to complete what it achieved in the regular season. The "Catalans" completed their presence in the regular season in first place with a record of 21-7 and in the playoffs they faced Bayern Munich which had finished eighth and although they had difficulty they prevailed in the series with 3-2. The Catalans will face Real Madrid in the semifinals with Saronas Yassikevitsios not facing any problems in his plans, as all of the players are at his disposal.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid wants to reach the 11 trophies in the institution. The "Queen" finished in fourth place as it had several unsuccessful results in March, however in the playoffs it prevailed in the series without difficulty of Maccabi Tel Aviv 3-0 and qualified for the final four. In fact, Real Madrid has the tradition in its favor, as the first time the final four was held in Belgrade, the trophy was won by Real Madrid.


Olympiacos-Anantolou Efes 19/05, 19:00

Barcelona-Real Madrid 19/05, 22:00

Small Final 21/05, 16:00

Grand Final 21/05, 19:00

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