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Eurovision 2022 - Turin

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 10 May, 2022

There are a few hours left for the start of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, with Italy and specifically the city of Turin hosting this year's event, after Maneskin's victory in the last song event. Every year, more than 200,000,000 viewers from all over the world watch the song contest, which this year could not escape the geopolitical developments that Europe has been experiencing in recent months.

This year's Eurovision Song Contest will take place without Russia's presence, as the EBU has decided to exclude the country due to the invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, Ukraine is the absolute favorite not only to be in the final but also to conquer the top, as the band "Kalush Orchestra" will sing inspired by the deaf mother of one of the band members. In fact, members of the band were defending Kyiv and are now on stage to sing for their country. Thus, it is quite difficult to avoid political commentary and leave the public unaffected, although they themselves tried to lower the tone and replied that this song does not hide any political message, although they themselves want to show Europe that still the their country is here and trying.

However, this season the so-called "Big 5" seems ready to claim the trophy, as according to the latest estimates, after the general rehearsal made by the countries, behind Ukraine is the host Italy together with Great Britain where they alternate in forecast table in second and third place, although after its rehearsal Italy seems to decline and reduce its chances of doing "back to back", On the contrary, in recent days the United Kingdom has won several places in its preferences world and is quite high in the juries, showing that he has left behind last year where he did not collect a single point from the public. In fourth place is Sweden with the ballad performed by Cornelia Jacobs and according to several fanatics of the competition, it can conquer the top, as both the song and the dynamics that the country has in the competition, can play an important role. while it is considered a favorite to collect the most points from the juries. Spain completes the top five with Chanel with a dance song, having a steady course in the list of favorites. According to those who attended the rehearsals, the countries that can make the surprise that are currently the absolute underdogs are Latvia, Bulgaria, Norway and Portugal.

As far as Cyprus and Greece are concerned, after the rehearsals they seem to be leading opposite lives, as Greece is quite high, while on the other hand Cyprus is finding it difficult to reach the final, with the Greek participation being in the first places in terms of preferences of the committees and together with Ukraine to have a chance of qualifying about 95%. In fact, these chances are higher than any other country in the competition in both semifinals. On the contrary, the chances for Cyprus to be in the final of the tournament are shared, as there were several problems in the rehearsals.

In terms of the countries with the most victories in the history of the institution, at the top is Ireland with seven victories, in second place Sweden with six, followed by France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with five.


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