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Liverpool-Real Madrid: The road to the finals

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 26 May, 2022

Liverpool and Real Madrid face off in the Champions League final and cybetNews -a few days before the final- recalls their journey this year from the group stage to the semifinals of the institution that "opened" the door of the Stade de France which will host this year 's final of the top intercollegiate event.

No difficulty in groups ...

The draw "decided" to place Jurgen Klopp's team in the second group of this year's Champions League. Opposite it were Atletico Madrid, Milan and Porto, composing one of the most difficult groups in the tournament. However, the serious Liverpool turned the European derby into a healthy walk, as with the completion of this phase, it was only first and counting only victories, having one of the best attacks of the tournament.

In the "16" phase, the "Reds" were faced with another difficult opponent. Inzaghi's Inter could create problems for Jürgen Klopp's team, however, the work of the German coach and the team he created, appeared in the first match where the 2-0 victory effectively gave the "ticket" for the quarterfinals of the institution . In the rematch, the 1-0 home defeat did not create any problems. What the lottery deprived in the previous phases, it gave in the quarterfinals and the semifinals of the institution.

Anxious at the end ...

In the "8", Liverpool "traveled" to Lisbon to face Benfica. The 3-1 away victory essentially gave the qualification for another away game and in the rematch the 3-3 draw, completed the qualification to the semifinals, where Villarreal was the opponent. The outsider of the institution had eliminated Juventus and Bayern Munich in the previous rounds and it could have been quite difficult to make another overtaking. In the first match at Anfield, Liverpool did not have a hard time and easily reached the 2-0 victory, however at Villarreal headquarters it was quite difficult for a half, they found themselves losing 2-0, however in the second half they made the upset and reached the qualification with an emphatic way where there is now ninety minutes left until the magical journey that began in October is completed in the best way.

With engines off ...

However, with this year's course and the epic upheavals, Real Madrid can "shout" that the Champions League trophy will end up in Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti's team was in the fourth group, with opponents Inter, Sheriff Tiraspol and Shakhtar Donetsk. The "Merenches" without any difficulty passed first in the group, having only one defeat and this one at the Santiago Bernabeu by the Sheriff!

However, the difficulties were ahead for the Madrilenians…

In the "16" phase, the opponent was Paris Saint-Germain. The triple of Messi, Neymar, Ebape seemed possible to beat any opponent. In the first match, Killian Ebape gave the victory to Paris, however, the "Queen" in the "castle" made her the first "mythical" upset, after first seeing the French striker open the score, then the other Frenchman, Karim Benzema scored a hat trick and within 20 minutes not only overturned the score, but also qualified for the "Queen".

In the quarterfinals, the opponent was Chelsea. Carlo Ancelotti's team appeared focused and prevailed 3-1, something they did not do at home, but managed to survive in overtime with the result that they lost but the final 3-2 gave them the qualification to the semifinals of the tournament.

Overthrow Oscar

The later champion of England, Manchester City, was there. Pep Guardiola's team hosted Real Madrid at the Etihad and showed its mood early on and just in the 11th minute they were ahead 2-0, but the Merengues remained close to the score throughout the match, they found net three times and the final 4-3 left "open accounts" for the Santiago Bernabeu.

In the Spanish capital, Real Madrid tried to impose itself early but failed. In fact, Mahrez came in the 70 'to shock the players of Carlo Ancelotti. Several friends of the hosts decided to leave the field, as they now needed two goals to lead the game to extra time. However, Rodrigo had a different opinion as in the first minute of the delays and then in the third minute he scored two goals and completed the overthrow! In extra time, Karim Benzema scored the third goal and gave the victory qualification to Real Madrid, in a match that will be remembered for several years as one of the biggest upheavals in the history of the Champions League. Now, there is one match left to find another Champions League trophy in the Real Madrid trophy cabinet. 90 minutes left…

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