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"Premier League Season 2023-2024 Analysis"

The most exciting championship on the planet begins. The Premier League is at the "starting point" and for one more season the best teams in the world will try to be at the top and win the title. Manchester City, however, wants to continue its omnipotence and maintain its "sceptre" for another year with Arsenal this year trying to achieve what it failed to do last year, something that both Liverpool and Manchester United will try . Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham look set to start a bit further back this year.

Manchester City

Manchester City for one more season is the absolute favorite to win the title. It may have lost Mahrez as well as Gundogan, but it has made major moves in the likes of Kovacic and Guardiol. The City team is largely the same for another season, it has homogeneity and of course the technical leadership is Pep Guardiola who, however, in his statements emphasized that it is very difficult for the team to repeat the same season as last year where they celebrated the treble .


Arsenal came one...breath away from winning the title. They became the first team in the history of the league where although they were at the top for 248 days in the end they could not stay and lost the championship. What cost them was that they did not have the necessary depth in their roster, something that seems to have been corrected this year, as they now have Declan Rice, who with a record transfer of 105 million euros became the most expensive English footballer, Havertz from Chelsea and Timber from Ajax.


Last season he was one of the major disappointments of the league. Liverpool finished in fifth place and the whole season was characterized by ups and downs. She had some flashes in her performance, but especially away from home, more losses than wins, give the answer why she found herself in this position. It continues with Jurgen Klopp on its bench, while in the transfer moves it acquired McAllister from Brighton and Somboslay from Leipzig.

Manchester United

Ten Haag's first year in charge of Manchester United can be described as a success as the team returned to the Champions League group stage, finishing third in the league. On the positive side of last season that at home he showed an excellent image as in 34 matches in all competitions he celebrated 28. In the transfer moves he acquired the goalkeeper Onana from Inter Milan, Mount from Chelsea, Hoylund from Atalanta and Evans from Leicester. In contrast, David De Gea left the club after over a decade of defending the club's goal posts.


For Newcastle last season is highly successful as after 20 years they will find themselves again in the Champions League. After the arrival of the Saudis, the team shows that it is rising in level. Thus, Tonali from Milan and Barnes from Leicester were added to the roster as a result in combination with the roster which remained unchanged to want to reach even higher this year.


Last season can be described as extremely disappointing for Chelsea. Mauricio Pochettino's team, who took over this summer, finished in 12th place, left Europe after 30 years and the frequent changes of coaches, the change in the ownership regime, directly affected the club. Thus, more than 10 players left this summer, while important names such as Jackson from Villarreal, Encuncu from Leipzig and Sanchez from Brighton were acquired.


Last season was difficult for Tottenham as they stayed out of Europe after 14 years, while this season looks to be not so easy either, as the president Joe Louis is accused of financial violations, while the Greek-Australian coach Angelos took over the team's bench Postecoglou, who won the domestic treble with Celtic, will however coach a Premier League team for the first time, while the transfer of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich is still being discussed.

As for the teams that seem to be closer to relegation they are Luton, Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest. Luton will be in the top flight for the first time in their history and currently appear to have the weakest squad, while Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest have made no moves in the transfer window to suggest they will field a capable squad. to be distinguished.


Declan Rice €116m (Arsenal)

Jasgo Guardiol €90 million (Manchester City)

Rasmus Hoylund €75 million (Manchester United)

Dominik Szomboslai €73 million (Liverpool)

Kai Havertz €70m (Arsenal)

Christopher Nkunku €63 million (Chelsea)


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