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Season forward

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 3 June, 2022

The match obligations and the football season may be over, however, in two months comes one of the most demanding seasons in the history of football. In the last two seasons, the matches of the teams, and consequently of the players, have changed drastically due to the pandemic, while next season will be the first season in the modern history of football where a World Cup will be held in the middle of the season.

Thus, cybetNews searched and found the game schedule of the new season and on the occasion of Kevin De Bruyne's statements about the difficulties faced by footballers on the occasion of the Nations League matches, presents the calendar of the upcoming season.

A few days ago, the Manchester City midfielder celebrated the trophy of winning the Premier League, however, after a few days, the Belgian National Team's obligations for the Nations League matches forced him to refer to an issue that is heard more and more in the last matches. periods.

Specifically, he stressed that "For me, the Nations League does not matter. We have to give these matches, but it is something like practice. Everyone had a very difficult season. When we are on the field, we do what we have to do. Then I want to win. But beyond that, I have nothing else to say.

As players we can talk about vacations or rest, but we have no reason. We follow what is needed and that is all. We have just over 3 weeks off every 12 months. Those on the outside can not understand how a player feels after a season. It does not make sense to say anything more since there is no case to change something "

Next season, all the players who play in the World Cup will play non-stop at the highest level from August to May, which means that for nine consecutive months they will play in the… red. The season for the major European leagues will start almost in the first week of August, with the Premier League, the Bundesliga and the French "Ligue 1" starting on the 6th of the month. In fact, the major European Leagues will stop to start preparing for the World Cup on November 14 and a week later the World Cup kick-off will take place!

Once the World Cup is over, the Premier League will restart on December 26 at the so-called boxing day, while several of the major European leagues will put in a few inoculated matches so that the season can end smoothly.

However, this program is quite likely not to concern only the teams of the big leagues, as the Champions League groups will be held every week so that they can be completed by the beginning of November! In addition, the World Cup will be completed faster than ever, as it was decided in the group stage to hold four matches daily in order to complete the group stage in 12 days.


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