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The "battles" of the "Titans"

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 27 May, 2022

Real Madrid and Liverpool are vying for the top of Europe and cybetNews is reminiscent of the great battles of the two football "titans" of the football old continent, with the clock for Saturday's grand final now counting down.

The first final

The beginning was made in 1981, with the two teams facing each other for the first time in their history not for a simple match but for winning the European Champions Cup (current champions of the Champions League). Liverpool was considered the favorite as it had won the Champions League in previous years and more specifically in 1977 and 1978. On the other hand for -then- Real Madrid, the presence in the final was considered an excess and therefore the management had awarded a prize 525,000 pesetas to players before the match.

In the presence of around 50,000 fans at the Parc des Princes, Liverpool in a game that did not claim "quality laurels" prevailed 1-0 with scorer Alan Kennedy and won the third Champions Cup in its history, with the Real Madrid players remaining at least with the prize for attending the final.

The "answer" of Real Madrid

The second final that found the two teams facing each other was in the near 2018. Real Madrid faced Liverpool again in the final and this time Kyiv hosted the big match. In the first half, no big phases happened and both teams were in the locker room, without either of them having opened the score.

However, in the replay the pace changed, Karim Benzema gave the lead to the "Merenches" but four minutes later Mane equalized and gave hope to the "Reds" again. The sequel is known to almost all football fans as the two mistakes of the Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Carius made the final 3-1 and gave the cup to Real Madrid.

Carius became the "black sheep" for the Liverpool fans and essentially due to his mistakes, his career ended with the "Red" jersey. However, a few months later, information came to light that wanted Karius to play throughout the second half having suffered a concussion - due to a blow from Sergio Ramos - and according to the doctors who examined him, this blow affected his performance in this match. .

Shared prehistory

Real Madrid and Liverpool have met away from the final six more times, with Real Madrid having three wins, two matches ending without a winner and Liverpool having celebrated the victory twice.

In any case, Liverpool will face Real Madrid again to win another Champions League trophy. For those who like statistics, the only team that has beaten Real Madrid in a European Championship final on French soil is Liverpool in 1981. It remains to be seen whether this scenario will be verified or whether Real Madrid will continue to grow its trophy collection. of Europe's leading intercollegiate event.

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