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Cybet's top 10: The top scorers in the history of the European championship qualifiers

The qualifying games of the European championship start again and cybetNews reminds you with cybet's top 10 top scorers in the history of the Euro qualifying phase.

10. In tenth place is Jon Dahl Thomasson. The veteran Danish striker has featured in four qualifying rounds and scored 18 goals for his country's national team.

9. Real Madrid and Spanish football legend Raul is in ninth place among the top scorers in the history of the European Championship qualifiers. The Spain striker featured in four qualifying rounds and scored 18 goals, the exact same number as Thomason, but had fewer appearances.

8. One place higher is one of the top "high" scorers of the last 30 years. The reason for the Czech Jan Koller, who may have also scored 18 goals, but he competed in three qualifying rounds with the Czech national team shirt.

7. In seventh place is Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Hudelear. The now 40-year-old striker has exactly the same goals as Kohler, he has three appearances in qualifying but has achieved them in fewer appearances than the Czech striker, so he is one place higher on the list.

6. In sixth place is the veteran Turkish footballer Hakan Sukur who in six appearances with the Turkish national team scored 19 goals and is the top scorer in the history of his country in the qualifiers.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in the same position. The Swedish superstar who retired from football a few months earlier has exactly the same numbers as Hakan Sukur. Six participations in qualifying phases, 31 matches and 19 goals.

4. One position higher is one of the three active footballers on the list. In particular, Harry Kane, although he has only played in three qualifying groups with the England national team shirt, has celebrated 20 times, as a result of which he is quite high on the list.

3. The trio is opened by Robert Lewandowski. The experienced Polish striker has participated in three qualifying rounds and in 25 matches he has scored 22 goals, as a result he has deservedly earned a place in the top three with the first scorers of all time in the qualifying games of the European championship.

2. One place closer to the top is Robbie Keane. The legendary Irishman played in eight qualifying rounds and managed to score 23 goals, leaving him a breath away from the top.

1. In first place, naturally, is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar has played in six qualifiers and is the top scorer on the list by a long shot, having scored 36 own goals to help Portugal win honors and reach the final stages of the competition.



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