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Top 10: The 10 biggest wins in the European championship qualifiers

France thrashed Gibraltar 14-0 in the European Championship qualifiers and cybetNews recalls the biggest national team wins in the history of the qualifiers.

10. In 1982 England hosted Luxembourg and 9-0 was a score that would go down in history as one of the greatest scores. In fact, on October 19, 1960, England had won with the same score away from the home of the same country.

9. In 1990, Spain hosted Albania. Specifically, on December 19, Spain won 9-0 against the Albanians for the qualifiers of the European Championship. At the Ramon Sanchez Pichjuan, Spain did whatever they wanted on the pitch and at halftime they were winning 4-0.

8. On March 31, 1999, Spain faced San Marino in the European Championship qualifiers and celebrated yet another 9-0 win, leading at half-time this time 4-0.

7. A few days earlier, Spain had beaten Austria 9-0 for the qualifiers for the European championship to be held in 2000. Raul was one of the big stars, as he managed to score four times out of nine goals for his team.

6. However, the same score was recorded quite recently. In 2019, Russia beat San Marino 9-0 for the second matchday of the European football qualifiers. Chevoli scored the goals in the 25th minute (own goal). Giuba's penalty in the 31st minute made it 2-0, while Kudryasov in the 36th minute and Anton Mirandchuk in the 41st minute gave their team a four-goal lead.

With Juba and Smolov scoring in the second half and being the absolute protagonists, the Russians gave dimensions of triumph to their victory,  The Zenit striker scored three goals in 15 minutes (73'-88') and reached 4 in total in the match , while the forward of Lokomotiv Moscow added two more (77', 83').

5. In fifth place is France, which in 1995 beat Azerbaijan 10-0. In particular, the "Tricolor" on September 11, 1995 had achieved one of the biggest victories in the history of the national teams, as they reached 10 goals in one match.

4. One place higher is the Netherlands. Specifically, in 2011, the "Oranie" won 11-0 against San Marino. The Netherlands celebrated the biggest victory in their history, in fact nothing showed that the score would reach these levels, as in the first half the Dutch led 3-0. Thus, in the second half they managed to score eight goals!

3. One place higher is Spain, which in 1983 had beaten Malta 12-1. This is the biggest victory in the history of the Spaniards, who have achieved the most victories with the biggest goal differences.

2. Until recently, the biggest victory belonged to Germany, and this is because in 2006 they prevailed with a score of 13-0 over San Marino. The Germans were away from home and since they were already leading 6-0 in the first half, they did not want to stop and continued at the same pace, scoring 13 goals!

1. However, France broke that record as in Saturday's match against Gibraltar after scoring seven goals in the first half, they saw that Gibraltar were also down to 10 men and wanted to break the Germans' record. So they continued at an unabated pace and the final 14-0 brings them to the top with the biggest victory in their history, but also in the history of European football qualifiers.



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