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Sports Stories: Wrexham's Hollywood Dream

Wrexham is celebrating promotion to the fourth division of the English league, however, to do so a series of...fortunate events happened, where the pandemic, Hollywood and some actors decided to change the history of a club.

In 2021, the coronavirus pandemic had affected the entire planet. Inevitably, the entertainment industry also went on ice. In a corner of Hollywood, the famous actor Ryan Reynolds who plays the role of the superhero Deadpool, together with his colleague Rob McElhenny wanted to find a hobby to pass their time in quarantine. So, they decided to take over Wrexham, one of the oldest teams in football history, founded in 1864.

It is said that when they presented their plan to the fans who were managing the club, they did not reveal their names which was done when they finally took over the club. At first they spent 2.2 million euros, however, the collaborations they made with social network platforms such as tik tok, as well as the Netflix documentary about the team, began to generate interest from audiences around the world, as this venture was almost like a Hollywood movie script.

The club made good money from the deal as they filled their coffers with almost €3.5 million from the screenings. On social media, Wrexham saw her Twitter following jump to 209k and 208k from her 27k Instagram followers.

There are several theories as to why Wrexham, a team from North Wales, was chosen. Firstly, the fact that Wrexham is the third oldest club in the world, with a history dating back to 1864. Secondly, that the locals are fanatical supporters of their hometown team, having created a large core of fans who follow them to every match. And thirdly, that because of its self-management, they did not need to give money to the team's management for the takeover, so that all the resources were invested in order for the club to level up.

In the first year the team could not get promotion, however things were already underway. Thus, this season Wrexham celebrated promotion, as they prevailed in the last meeting 3-1 against Boreham Wood. The team's owners broke down in tears at the final whistle, however, the whole project is still in the early stages, with the next aim being to improve the facilities and promote Wrexham to an even higher division. Since yesterday everyone in Wrexham has been celebrating as not only have the team been promoted, but interest in the town has increased with people traveling from several parts of the world following the team's promotion. Thus, sports fans and citizens seem to be living their own Hollywood fairy tale.


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