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Cybet's Stories: Eden Hazard

At the age of 32, Eden Hazard decided to "hang up" his football boots, completing a season that had distinctions, trophies, but towards the end several injuries that never let him show his talent in Madrid.

Hazard took his first professional "steps" with Lille's jersey in the French league. His results and talent were quickly seen, resulting in him being named the league's best young player at the end of the season. Naturally, several teams put the young Belgian footballer on their radar. Inter, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal and Manchester United have shown interest. However, he himself wanted to remain in France. Thus, in 2011 he was named the top player of the league and Lille was named the double of France!

The then European champions Chelsea and Roman Abramovich saw in Hazard's talent a player who could be described as the European Messi. They believed they would bring in the new leader of the team, so they spent €30 euros on the 21-year-old Belgian and made him a Londoner. The results seem to have vindicated the people of the team. The Belgian stayed in London for 7 years and won two championships, two Europa Leagues, an FA Cup and a League Cup. In fact, he scored 112 goals and became one of the most important scorers in the team's history.

This resulted in Real Madrid coming in the summer of 2019 and spending a record amount of 120 euros on the Belgian! Cristiano Ronaldo had left for Italy and Juventus and the "Queen" was looking for its next leader. However, things did not turn out the way he wanted. Already pictures that showed him overweight, already there are rumors that they are not projected as they should be and the final blow came when he injured his ankle as a result of which the ligaments were experimented with.

Now, whenever Hazard came back healthy he was injured almost constantly, the Real Madrid crowd mocked him and his story in Madrid never had a happy ending. In four years, Hazard scored just seven goals and made a total of 73 appearances. So, a few days before you decided to end his career saying: "You have to know how to listen to yourself and say enough at the right time. After a 16-year career and more than 700 games played, I have decided to end my career as a professional footballer."

Hazard's illustrious career ended perhaps ingloriously, as he started with the best potential at Lille, rocketed to Chelsea but was never able to take off at Real Madrid where dreams never came true.



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