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Cybet's stories: Ange Postecoglou

Tottenham stand out this season in the Premier League, as after the end of the first eight matches they are at the top of the table along with Arsenal having collected 20 points, counting six wins and two draws.

However, the star of this year's team is not a football player but its new coach named Angelos Postecoglou, who just a few months on the bench, has set several records and shows that he came to the world of the Premier League to stay!

The Greek technician was born on August 27, 1965 in New Philadelphia, an area of Athens, however, at the age of five his parents were forced to leave the country, as they lost their jobs with the junta and immigrated to Australia where there are many Greeks. Angelos Postecoglou's relationship with football has been connected for as long as he can remember, something he may have inherited from his father and as he says "People change countries for a better life.

My folks didn't have a better life in Australia but they went there so I could have more opportunities and I don't forget that. My motivation for becoming a football coach has always been to build teams that my father will enjoy watching. Football is what made him as a person and I wanted to get closer to him. We sat late and watched the games. The only thing he kept inside him from the old country was his love for football. AEK was his team, I was born a few kilometers from the stadium. He loved football and growing up that was my connection. Our local group was Greek, an immigrant group, and we went there on Sundays and could speak Greek, it felt comfortable for two hours."

So, wanting to create his own team that his father would admire, it didn't take long to develop a relationship with coaching although as a footballer he was a very good defender who also played for the Australian national team. His first coaching steps were taken in the late 90s and on the South Melbourne bench he celebrated two championships. In March 2008 he decided to return to Greece on behalf of Panachaki, however, due to administrative changes he left. The first big step was taken in 2013 where he took charge of the Australian national team and in 2015 he celebrated the conquest of the Asian Cup.

Later he found himself on the bench of Yokohama Marinos, however, the pivotal step for his name to be heard in Britain was his recruitment by Celtic in 2021. He celebrated the championship with the Celtics where he had the Greek striker Giorgos Giakoumakis with him in the team. Thus, Tottenham's proposal came last summer and the Greek coach accepted it with great joy.

Joy which has been acquired by all fans of the team, as the results speak for themselves, with Tottenham having remained unbeaten in the first 8 matches while also making the best start in the club's history since 1960. At first there was no enthusiasm for his hiring, however, now everyone is talking in the best words and how can they not, as he was named the top coach in the division for both August and September, something he has not managed no other manager ever in Premier League history. It remains to be seen how far he will go this season with Tottenham and whether the saying that the beginning is half the battle will be verified...



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