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Sports Stories: The Klaksvíkar of European groups

It's been a few days and Klaksvik's fairytale is not about to stop, in fact it will continue in the third qualifying round of the Champions League, with the team from the Faroe Islands looking to achieve another surprise qualification after that with Ferencvaros and Haaken . Be that as it may, Klaksvik became the first team from the Faroe Islands to secure their presence in a European competition group.

If someone had told the people of Klaksvik about a month ago that in the winter they would be competing in a European competition group, they would certainly have looked at him strangely and pushed him aside so that everyone could go about their business. The players of the team, naturally, are forced to work in the morning at their jobs and in the afternoon to be on the field to train.

The team is named after the city which barely exceeds 5,000 inhabitants. The team relies on some experienced footballers, such as Kretskan and Frederiksberg, however, most of them work in the morning. Others at petrol stations, others as accountants, carpenters etc...

However, since yesterday, the story of the team's goalkeeper Yonatan Jonson, who was on vacation in Rhodes a few weeks ago, has been making the rounds on the internet. He was asked by the team to come back and help and he accepted only to be under the posts for qualifying and then retire. However, the course of the team seems to be changing everyone's plans, as surely by December, everyone at the club will either need enough energy to be able to combine their work with the team's obligations, or be given indefinite leave to they make the country, the team and the city itself known even more in the European stadiums that will be found.


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