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Cybet’s top 10: The most expensive winter football transfers

By cy.Reporter, 16 December, 2021

As the teams prepare for their winter transfer window, cyNews searched and found the 10 most expensive transfers in the history of the winter transfer market. The English teams are starring, while Barcelona is also in two places in the top 10, something that for the coming years will hardly be seen to happen due to its financial problems.

10. In the winter of 2017, Barcelona decided to spend more than 50 million euros in the Chinese market, in order to bring the Brazilian Paulinho back to Europe. Thus, the Catalans spent 51 million euros, with Guanxu accepting this amount and completing the transfer.

9. In January 2020, Manchester United decided to spend several million euros to add Bruno Fernandes to its midfield. In particular, United gave 55 million euros to Sporting Lisbon in order to make him a resident of Manchester.

8. In January 2011, Chelsea made one of their most expensive transfers, as they gave Liverpool an amount close to 60 million euros, in order to make Fernando Torres their own. The Spanish striker, however, did not help as much as expected with his presence in the London team, as he was facing injury problems.

7. In seventh place is again Chelsea, however, this time put in its coffers about 60 million euros. The Chinese Shanghai SIPG acquired the Brazilian midfielder Oscar in the winter of 2017, with the experienced midfielder leaving London and finding coach Andre Villas-Boas in China.

6. In 2018, Arsenal spent 68 million euros to acquire one of the most talented strikers of that period in Europe. Thus, he filled the coffers of Borussia Dortmund and completed the transfer of Pierre Emerick Obamayang to the Londoners.

5. With an amount close to 70 million euros, Atletico Madrid made one of the most expensive winter transfers in history. So, in 2017, Diego Costa left Chelsea to return to Atletico Madrid under Cholo Simeone.

4. In 2018, Athletic Bilbao saw its funds fill by almost 70 million euros. Manchester City spent this amount in order to add to its team the defender Emerick Laport who had stood out with his appearances in the Spanish league.

3. In third place is the transfer of Christian Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea. The Londoners gave 70 million euros in the winter of 2018 and made one of the most expensive winter transfers in history.

2. In 2018, Liverpool spent an amount that was close to 90 million euros. Jürgen Klopp's team gave the specific money for the acquisition of the central defender in Southampton Virgil Fadik and acquired a center back who helped her win the championship.

1. At the top of the list is the transfer of Felipe Coutinho. In 2018, Barcelona had spent the amount of 125 million euros, giving the money to Liverpool, in order to acquire him. The transfer is complete, but based on the Brazilian's performance, it is something they have regretted.

Research, writing, editing: Christos Davos (cyNews sports editor)



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