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Cybet's top 10: The top 10 goalscorers in the history of the national teams

10. Pele, Neymar: In the 10th place with the top scorers of all time are the legendary Pele having scored 77 goals, while Neymar has scored exactly the same. However, Pele managed this in 92 appearances while Neymar in 124.

9. Hussain Saed, Robert Lewandowski: Iraqi Hussain Saed, who has scored 78 goals in 137 appearances, is tied for first place with Robert Lewandowski, who has scored exactly the same goals in 139 appearances.

8. One place further down is Godfrey Tsitalu who celebrated 79 goals in 111 matches for Zambia.

7. In seventh place with 80 goals, is United Arab Emirates striker Ali Mabhout who needed 109 appearances to be in the top 10.

6. In sixth place is Sunil Shettri who, wearing the jersey of India in 132 matches, managed to score 84 times.

5. A place even closer to the top is Magyar's legendary Ferenc Puskas who scored 84 goals for the Hungarian national team but needed just 85 appearances, which means he had almost a goal in every game.

4. One place ahead of the trio is Mokhtar Dahari. The Malaysian striker has scored 89 goals in 142 appearances for his country.

3. In third place is Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar is just one goal away from reaching 100. He has made 173 appearances for Argentina and will continue to climb the scoring charts as he continues to help his country.

2. Ali Daei. A breath away from the top is the Iranian former striker who celebrated 109 goals in 148 matches and for several years was at the top of the top 10 but his record was broken a few years ago.

1. At the top is Cristiano Ronaldo who has a double record for both the goals he has scored and his appearances, as he has scored 122 goals in 198 appearances for Portugal and of course he wants to extend his streak in the next few matches that will compete for the championship qualifiers.



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