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Cybet Stories: Boxing day stories

By cy.Reporter, 22 December, 2021

Boxing day, after being able to bend the resistance of covid, will continue for another year to offer a spectacle to football fans all over the world. CyNews reminds stories, "finds" the first match in the history of football and makes a quick journey into stories, achievements, traditions that further beautify the world of football…

December 26 is the second day of Christmas for the whole world, however, for football fans it is the day when the English Premier League is the only one of the big leagues in the world that is in full swing. However, the creation of Boxing day is lost in the depths of time Βασί Queen Victoria is said to have designated the second day of Christmas in the 19th century as a holiday. There are several versions of its name, such as the opening of gifts after Christmas, or the charities and money raised by the world and the Church for people in need. As far as football is concerned, many believe that the first match that took place was in World War I, when the opposing troops in the city of Ypres, stopped the war in the trenches and started kicking a ball, a fact that went down in history!

However, the first inter-club match held on December 26 was the distant 1860! When most countries in the world did not know about the existence of football, Sheffield faced Hallam and in fact this match was the first recorded in the history of football! From that date, many claim that Boxing day begins, which continues to this day. For the record, Sheffield prevailed 2-0 and was awarded by the Football Federation which formed the two teams, with the title of "Order of Honor". In fact, the match was conducted according to rules set by Sheffield.

Because Boxing day is a holiday, in 1963 the English teams affected by this climate inadvertently decided to present scores and spectacles in all the stadiums where matches were held! On this day in 10 matches a total of 66 goals were scored, ie an average of 6.6 goals per match! In fact, Fulham prevailed over Ipswich 10-1, while Manchester United had conceded six goals at Burnley headquarters.

Two of the top matches for many took place in 2007 and 2012. In 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United hosted Newcastle. The visitors were ahead in the 4th minute, the hosts equalized in the 25th minute, however in the 28th minute they were back in the score again, in the 58th minute they equalized for the second time and ten minutes later they were back in the score again. In the 71st minute, Manchester United equalized with Van Persie, and in the delays, they made the upset with Tsikarito giving the victory with 4-3! Five years earlier, Chelsea and Aston Villa with the half time score to end 1-2 and then Chelsea to equalize at 2-2, to make the upset, Aston Villa to equalize at 3-3, in 80 'Michael Ballack to score 4-3 but in 92 'Barry to score a penalty kick and give the point to Aston Villa, in a match with eight goals and three dismissals!

Goals, trenches, gifts, new rules, combine one of the most special and traditional days of the year for the Premier League championship. Have fun this year too Boxing day!


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