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Cybet Stories: Michael Schumacher

By cy.Reporter, 10 November, 2021

CyNews "runs" on the tracks of Formula 1 and remembers the life of one of the top drivers who ever went through motorsport. A pilot who led the legendary Ferari to the World Championship title after more than 20 years and with his unique style, he is considered by the people who left their name indelibly and inspired dozens of future pilots to follow his "path" and have as "hero" of their childhood… Michael Schumacher.

January 3, 1969. Michael Schumacher is born in Hirt Hermilheim, Germany. The son of Rolf and Elizabeth Schumacher from an early age will show his love for motor sports. So, it will not be long before he drives his first kart and presents his talent to everyone. His father will be by his side in his first "steps" in motorsport, however, unlike many later motorsport stars, the Schumacher family could not help their son evolve in this area, as the canteen he maintained , helped them to live simply, but prevented them from giving something more for their son's sport which was very demanding financially.

However, where others would see obstacles, Mikael saw opportunities to improve and show his talent. So he went to the go-kart tracks and found used objects, used tires, used them and improved his go-kart. At the age of just over 10 he took part in the German kart championship and in 1984, 1985, 1987 he celebrated his conquest. "I was happy because I believed that I would do this forever, that I would compete in go-karts," said Michael Schumacher himself, as he could not even imagine the bright future that would follow. However, watching the talented young man, Willy Weber proposes to the Schumacher family to take over Michael Schumacher and become the manager who will lead him to the top. As Weber himself had said, "His style was unique." The Schumacher family appeared shocked, but agreed to make their son's dream come true.

In 1991 he was selected by the newly formed Jordan as one of its pilots, however, he was there for a very short time, as after a short time he found himself driving the Benetton-Ford car and began to take his first points in Formula 1 and shows that he has the data to star in the near future. In the following years, the victories in the Grand Prix, force Ayrton Senna to feel the threat of Michael Schumacher, when suddenly on the track of Imola and while the Brazilian pilot is ahead and Schumacher is following him, the control of the car is lost with 30 at the time it falls on the track guards. The Grand Prix continued, Michael Schumacher emerged victorious, however he waited to hear the news about Ayrton Senna. "The information I was learning was confusing, some people told me he was in a coma, some people said he died, but I could not understand what really happened, I could not believe that something bad would happen. Once I heard the news, then I thought that every turn could be the last. "I slept only three hours a night," he confessed after Ayrton Senna's death.

Now, after the loss of the Brazilian pilot, the lights "fall" on him. He is the next big protagonist of Formula 1. Eventually, the expectations were justified and in 1994, 1995 he became World Champion. Williams, McLaren and Ferrari are interested in putting him in their car and if everything shows that Ferrari does not have the same chances, the "thirst" and the prospect of leading Skunderia to the top after almost 15 years, lead the German pilot to join its potential. The beginning was frustrating and difficult. The car had several problems and could not claim the title. Then he decided to improve the climate at Ferrari and showed that everyone is important to him. Next to him was his wife Corina Bets, who was Michael's support and gave him strength to continue. Schumacher was trying to "understand" the car and often sat until late at night. Test after test, attempt to improve and understand the car, test all types of tires in all conditions, everything worked with mathematical precision with Schumacher having "won" everything in Ferrari "Even the cook was a special member of the team, the "Everyone had a role to play," recall people close to Michael.

Failed years followed, the pressure increased, until in 2000, another golden page in the history of the pilot Michael Schumacher dawned. The German pilot after more than 20 years becomes World Champion. Then, the German driver was released and from 2000 to 2004 Michael Schumacher won 5 consecutive championships showing that he is one of the top Formula 1 drivers of all time!

So, after winning the World Championships, the German pilot decided to retire and focus on his family, as he himself stated "Now I understand that the family was more important than the races". However, in 2010 he returns to active action this time for Mercedes and drives free from the stress of success for two more years. Thus, in 2012 he decided to put an end to his career, a career which was marked by 7 World Titles, 91 Grand Prix victories, 43 second places and 1813 consecutive days as Champion.

However, his fear after the accident with Ayrton Senna, came to be confirmed not on the Formula One slopes, but on a ski slope where on December 29, 2013 in the French Alps, he suffered a serious head injury, losing control of his ski, and this resulted in doctors being forced to put him in an artificial coma. In June 2014, it became known that Schumacher came out of a coma, however, the information that comes is minimal, as his wife does not want the details of Sumy's course to be known. "Now, his children and I became the support he has been for so many years. As he helped us, it was time to help him. I will not say why this happened to us, we do our best to take care of Mikael, but as he used to say "In the house not in the municipality".

Michael Schumacher was able to indelibly engrave the history of Formula 1, showing that you can become a champion from scratch. It is enough, while some people see used tires, to see in front of you an opportunity for evolution of the way of thinking and an opportunity to improve the chances for what you are destined to become…

Research, writing, editing: Christos Davos (cyNews sports editor)


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