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Cybet Stories: The records of the Olympic Games

By cy.Reporter, 3 August, 2021

Conquering the top at the Olympic Games is the most important moment for every athlete and is the dream of every young child who decides to take up a sport for the first time in his life. In fact, when combined with the best performance of all time, then the emotions are unique. Cynews looks back at the records of the Olympic Games and is found from the liquid element in the corridors ... and from the sand of the sandbox to the obstacles of the track…

2012.Olympic Games. London. Usain Bolt is in London and wants to give his own answers. The injuries of the previous years, combined with the rise of his compatriot Johan Blake and the defeats in the qualifiers of the Olympic Games in both 100 and 200 meters, have brought the Jamaican Olympian to his limits. "I do not like to lose," Bolt thinks and prepares to start in the 100-meter final. Finally, just before the finish, he looks at Blake next to him and makes sense with his finger to be silent; Bolt is an Olympian again. It is for the second consecutive Olympics the holder of the gold medal with the timer stopping at 9.63, a time that is the best in the history of the Olympic Games! However, Usain is "thirsty" for answers, something that "shows" him in the final of 200 meters where he wins the gold medal. Now all that remains is the fight for the baton. In this, Blake and Bolt from rivals become athletes. They work together harmoniously and bring another gold medal to Jamaica. Now, Usain Bolt is in the pantheon of the greatest athletes in history and as he says, "God created me to become an athlete. I want everyone to remember me like Pelé, like Mohamed Ali, I want to be remembered as one of the most important athletes in history…".

It was July 18, 1976. Montreal Olympics. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see on their screens a young 14-year-old girl from Romania competing in asymmetric weights. Nadia Comaneci is ready to start her program. The little Romanian "hangs" and meanders with unparalleled speed on the beams. She completes her program and the audience asks to be given the absolute 10! When suddenly, the table shows 1.0 everyone freezes and then realizes that he has got 10, but the table was set to reach 9.99, as no one could believe that an athlete would reach the absolute. "I was very satisfied, I thought I would get a score of 9.9. Then I heard the audience shouting loudly and when I turned I saw the electronic board write 1.00. He could not write 10 because the maker Omega did not think it was possible! I knew that ten is the highest score, but I did not realize that I had written history… I will think about it later, I said to myself. "I then had to fight on the beam and I had concentrated on it." said the Romanian Olympian several years later about the effort that went down in history!

Beijing 2008. Olympic Games. Michael Phelps wants to do the unthinkable, the incredible… something he finally achieves. For the first time in the World Sports Chronicles he becomes the athlete where he wins 8 Olympic gold medals and breaks 7 World Records, surpassing the legend Mark Spitz who had won 7 gold medals in 1972! From the 10th to the 17th of August, the American Olympian celebrates gold together with the World Record in the 400m medley individual, 4x100m freestyle relay, 200m freestyle, 200m butterfly, 4x200m freestyle men's relay, 200m medley individual, 4x100m team relay, while in the 100 meters butterfly achieved an Olympic record! However, above the Olympic medals for Michael Phelps, is the emergence of mental illness, as he came out "winner" after the "battle" with depression and as he emphasizes "Helping as many people as possible to talk about emotions "Light years are better than winning a gold medal at the Olympics, after all, treatment has helped me change my life and it can help you too."

Just 24 hours after Miltos Tentoglou won the gold medal in the high jump, the Olympic record in one of the most popular track and field events belongs to Bob Bimon, who was set in 1968 in Mexico City. The favorable altitude combined with the favorable wind, pushed the American athlete to reach the inconceivable record of 8 meters and 90 centimeters! In fact, in order to measure this jump, you had to use extra tape! This particular jump was described as the "jump of the century" and for many put a "tombstone" in the dreams of many athletes to break the record, as the previous record was 55 cm less! However, at the 1991 World Championships, another American athlete, Mike Powell, was able to give his own "answer" and give new interest, as he "flew" at 8 meters and 95 centimeters, setting a new World Record which since then it remains untouched and it may be several years before a new athlete is found to bring it down…

One of the most important races in the history of the Olympic Games took place a few hours ago, as in the 400 meters hurdles, the Norwegian Carsten Valhom finished first with a time of 45.94, breaking his own world record he had achieved in Oslo a month ago with time 46 seconds and 70 tenths! However, the strange thing is that the second athlete Ray Benjamin finished in 46 seconds and 17 tenths, which would mean that he would have achieved a World Record if the Norwegian had not competed! In fact, the third Brazilian Dos Santos finished in 46.72 seconds, two tenths more than the last World Record, but finished only third! In this particular race, 6 national records were set by the 8 athletes who were in the final, a fact that certifies that one of the fastest races in the 400 meters was held with obstacles in the history of the track!

Research, writing, editing: Christos Davos (CyNews sports editor)


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