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Cybet's top 10: The most accurate rosters of this year's Champions League

By cy.Reporter, 05 September, 2022

The biggest collegiate football institution begins and cybetNews searched and found the ten most expensive rosters of this year's 32 clubs that are in the group stage of the Champions League, with the total amounts being... staggering!

10. Milan

In tenth place is the Italian champion Milan. The Rossoneri are in the top ten with the most expensive rosters, as the total money of this year's team is 555.50 million euros, with the Italians wanting to do something more in this year's competition.

9. Inter

One place higher is another Italian team, specifically Milan's compatriot, Inter. Inzaghi's team has a roster that reaches 604.05 million euros, with Lautaro Martinez being their most expensive footballer, who is priced at 75 million euros.

8. Atletico Madrid

In eighth place is Atlético Madrid. Tsolo Simeone's team has been an important team in the institution for the last decade and in order to achieve something more this year he has created a roster that is valued at 651.50 million euros.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona may have significant financial problems, but this season they made significant additions, so with 781.20 million euros, they are in the top ten with the most expensive rosters in the Champions League.

6. Real Madrid

First of the Spanish teams on the relevant list is the European champion Real Madrid. Carlos Ancelotti's team is in sixth place with a roster that reaches 786.50 million euros.

5. Chelsea

In the middle of the list is Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel's side may be struggling in the English league, however, they have one of the richest rosters, with a price tag of €798.50 million.

4. Bayern Munich

One place away from the top three is Bayern Munich. The Bavarians have one of the most expensive rosters with the price reaching 846.53 million euros and of course Mane stands out from this year's transfer acquisitions.

3. Liverpool

The first team of the trio is Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp's side may not have had a good start to this year's Premier League season, but their roster is one of the richest, with €883 million leaving no room for dissent.

2. Paris Saint Germain

One place away from the top is Paris Saint-Germain. The French have spent hundreds of millions of euros in recent years to reach the Champions League, something they have so far failed to achieve. Whether the 912.45 million euro roster can help them this year remains to be seen on the pitch.

1. Manchester City

Manchester City emerged as the champion with the most expensive roster of this year's Champions League. The "Citizens" desperately want to win the Champions League and have created a roster that exceeds 1 billion euros and specifically reaches 1.046 billion, with Erik Haaland being the transfer that stands out and already starring in their jersey group.

*The amounts are based on the website



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