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Sports Stories: Inter Miami: the "Blaugrana" dream

Inter Miami made - so far - the biggest transfer of this summer, as in the team owned by David Beckham, the World Champion Lionel Messi will play from July onwards. So, after this big move, there are dozens of scenarios almost every day, where both footballers and people from the technical team who have passed through the "Blaugrana" want to be at the gates of the Miami team.

It started with Lionel Messi. The Argentinian superstar had decided to leave Paris Saint-Germain, as he said he did not have the time he wanted with his family. Everything indicated that he would travel to Saudi Arabia, as he was offered a contract close to 1 billion euros for two years, but as he himself emphasized: "If it was a question of money, I would go to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. The money seemed a lot to me and the truth is that the decision was made for other reasons and not for the money."

Thus, the proposal came from Inter Miami and within a short period of time the Argentine accepted it, something that created a frenzy in the world of America and a question to many, because at the football level, the United States is not at the level of the championships of the "Old Continent" ».

However, as the Argentine confessed: "This was what I needed to close my career at this side and experience MLS in a different way and enjoy every day a lot more, but with the same responsibility of wanting to win and do always things are good, but with more calm".

After the news of Lionel Messi's transfer, the team's profile increased by almost eight million, while interest in the MLS league has already skyrocketed. Thus, it is normal that the scenarios that want other footballers to follow Messi in Miami have also increased. According to the reports, Sergio Busquets, after leaving Barcelona, is quite likely to become a teammate again with his friend, while now it is heard and written strongly that Jordi Alba is also quite likely to travel to America and join the club.

However, the reports continue as rumors also want Gerardo Martino, the former coach of Barcelona and the Mexico National Team, to be close to taking over the technical leadership of the team. It remains to be seen at the end of the summer whether Inter Miami will become a mini-Barcelona and whether Messi will train under Tata Martino and work with his former Barcelona team-mates Busquets and Jordi Alba.

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