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Sports Stories: The rise of Arab football

Last season Cristiano Ronaldo played in Saudi Arabia with Al Nasr shirt and almost everyone in the football world showed a decision to reject for Portugal Superstar to continue his career in this league. However, the continuation this summer shows that the Arab teams are determined to significantly upgrade the league and to join the force of important football players who will give glory.

One of the first big bangs of this summer was Karim Benzema's move from Real Madrid to Al Ittihad, the team that won the league and Cristiano Ronaldo's other team-mate, who is now his rival. $213 million per season could not leave him unmoved, so he made this important decision for his already unique career.

On the same road and in the same club, Enkolo Kante also walked. The French midfielder may have been one of Chelsea's main "cogs" and the London club wanted to keep him, however, the amount of 100 million dollars a year, did not leave much room for Chelsea, resulting in the experienced midfielder to now be Karim Benzema's teammate.

However, Al Nasr could not leave Cristiano Ronaldo complaining, as a result, they added Ziyeh to their team who, with a fee of 12 million dollars, has been absent since the new season in the Saudi Arabian league.

However, Al Hilal have also come in strong in this year's transfers, as Neves left Wolves at the age of 26 to wear the colors of Al Hilal, resulting in him being paid $300,000 a week, which apparently did not leave him unmoved . , as a professional evaluates the proposals that come. He will be joined by Koulibaly, who played for Chelsea until the first match. The 30 dollars a year was the decision to leave the Premier League and compete from this year in the Saudi Arabian league.


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