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Sports Stories: The beginning "birth" of football

The first matches of the qualifiers of the biggest league have already been held, with the aim of the best European football national teams to find themselves in one last phase and in the end to claim the title of the leading national team of the old Epirus.

However, very few may have wondered how and when the idea of this organization started and who was the man who gave the idea which then became one of the most important institutions in the biggest football.

The "birth of the idea"

Back in 1916 in South America, today's Copa America was held for the first time, with Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Argentina making up the teams of the first tournament. Then a French agent named Henri Delaunay envisioned an organized like that of South America in Europe and the countries of the old continent trying to conquer the top of the tournament. Unfortunately, the World Wars that took place in the following decades and the tense situation throughout the world were inhibiting factors, however, Delaunay's vision remained alive, as everyone in his family knew about the thoughts of the French factor who also served as its president UEFA. just created.

The French factor dedicated his whole life to football, as he was a footballer, later a referee and then a factor in both French football, FIFA and UEFA. Malita, along with Gilles Rimet, was one of the key contributors to the creation of the World Cup.

However, in 1955 he passed away and was unable to see his dream come to fruition, which was succeeded by his son Pierre who took over the history of UEFA and on 27 March 1957 through a vote the organization was officially created . of the championship!

And the European championship happened!

The first qualifying match took place on 28 September 1958 in Moscow with the Soviet Union hosting Hungary in front of 100,000 spectators and winning 3-1. , even because of countries they maintained reservations and had expressions of many differences, as a result of which there were no important countries such as England, Italy, West Germany, Holland, Scotland, Wales, while Spain of the regime did not want to fight against the Soviet Union. The final stage was held in France and the Soviet Union, France, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia competed. The winner was the Soviet Union as they beat Yugoslavia 2-1 and scored the first trophy in the history of the championship.

As for the organization's trophy, it has been named Henri Delaunay in honor of the man who had the idea to create one of the most important events in the history of the sport.


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