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Cybet's top 10: The biggest upheavals in the history of the Champions League

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

By cy.Reporter, 6 May, 2022

On the occasion of the epic upset of Real Madrid against Liverpool, cybetNews remembers the biggest upheavals in the history of the Champions League that shook the football world and remained indelibly engraved in the history of European football.

10. In the 2011/12 season, Chelsea hosted Napoli for the second match of the "16" phase of the Champions League. The "Londoners" were with their "backs" on the "wall" after the 3-1 defeat in Italy, however, the away goal gave them hope. Di Matteo's team was stormy, they found themselves leading 2-0, however in 55 'Inler "froze" Stamford Bridge. However, the hosts had not yet said their last word and with a well-aimed penalty kick by Ivanovic, they equalized the score of the first match and everything showed that the match would be led to extra time. However, Ivanovic had a different opinion and in the delays of the match he made it 4-1 and gave the qualification to Chelsea in one of the biggest upheavals in its history in the European competitions.

9. Season 2018/19 and Paris Saint-Germain hosted Manchester United in Paris for the second match of the "16" phase. Ole Gunnar Solskj .r's team had to climb a "mountain" as not only did they have several absences in their starting lineup but they had to reverse the 2-0 home defeat in the first match by the French. This meant that he had to score two goals and not concede either to lead the game into extra time! Lukaku may have scored and given United hope, however, Paris Saint-Germain equalized immediately. The answer was immediate from Lukaku, with the result that Manchester United is leading 2-1 and wants only one goal for the complete overthrow. The minutes passed and everything showed that it would be difficult to change anything in the match, until in the delays United won a penalty and Marcus Rasford calmly scored and qualified for the quarterfinals of the institution.

8. Season 2012/13. Barcelona is perhaps in the best period of its history and last season with its complete football has dominated both domestic and international competitions. However, against Milan, things did not turn out as the Catalans would have liked, with the result that in the first match of the "16" phase, they lost 2-0. Now, the team of the late Tito Vilanova needed three goals to qualify. Lionel Messi, on a great night, made the start and until the 55th minute, Barcelona was ahead 3-0! Milan pushed to reach the goal that would qualify them, but in the last minutes Jordi Alba made the final 4-0 and completed a magical night at the Camp Nou.

7. Season 2017/18. Champions League quarter-final phase. Roma welcomes Barcelona having lost 4-1 at the Camp Nou. The Romans needed a "clean" victory and almost the entire football world had written them off. But Di Francesco's team did its "miracle" and by 58 'had made it 2-0. The players of Barcelona seemed to have lost, so in 82 'Costas Manolas with a header made it 3-0 and gave the qualification to Roma, with the people at Olimpico going crazy.

6. Season 2003/04. Champions League quarter-final phase. Milan hosts Deportivo La Coruna at the "San Siro" and the final 4-1 and leaves no room for qualification hopes for the Spaniards. The coach of Deportivo Irureta, vowed that if his team qualifies he would go to the pilgrims' path in Santiago de Compostela. In the end, his team not only qualified but prevailed with 4-0 of Milan, achieving one of the biggest qualifiers in its history, with the result that the coach of the team completes his vow.

5. Season 2021/22. Champions League semi-finals. Manchester City hosted Real Madrid and the final 4-3 gave them a lead to qualify for the final of the tournament. At the Santiago Bernabeu, Pep Guardiola's team opened the scoring in the 78th minute with Mahrez and forced many of the home side's friends to leave the pitch a few minutes earlier, as Real Madrid wanted two goals in a few minutes not to qualify but to send the game into overtime. Something that finally happened, as in 90 and 91 with two goals by Rodrigo, the game was led to extra time, where Karim Benzema with a well-aimed penalty kick qualified his team for another final.

4. Season 2018/19. Champions League semi-finals. Barcelona had won 3-0 in the first match of Liverpool. Ernesto Valverde's team just wanted to lose by two goals or even three if they scored, but Jürgen Klopp's players had a different opinion. In the 7th minute Divok Origi opened the scoring and in the 54th and 56th minutes Vainaldum had made the score 3-0. The "Blaugrana" seemed helpless to react and in 79 'Origi with his second personal goal qualified for the final in the "Reds".

3. Season 2016/17. Paris Saint-Germain has dragged Barcelona in the first match with the deafening 4-0! However, everyone in the "camp" of Blaugrana had a secret hope that they could qualify. By 50 'they were leading 3-0 and were close to a complete reversal. However, in the 62nd minute, Edison Cavani scored and shocked Luis Enrique's team, as they now needed three goals! However, the sequel was unique, as in 88 'and 91' Neymar scored twice, made it 5-1 and in 95 'Sergio Roberto completed the legendary appearance offering one of the biggest upheavals in the history of football!

2. Season 1998/99. Champions League Final. Bayern Munich and Manchester United are in the final of the Camp Nou. The Bavarians dominated, opened the scoring in the 6th minute with Mario Baller, had chances to score a second goal, but did not succeed. In the 91st minute, Manchester United won a corner and Teddy Serigham scored and gave the "kiss of life" to his team. However, a minute later, again from a corner, Ole Gunnar Solskier scored with a close-range shot and gave the trophy to Manchester United, with the Bayern Munich players unable to realize what happened.

1. Season 2004/05. Champions League Final. In Istanbul, Milan has leveled Liverpool and is leading 3-0 at halftime. The friends of the "Reds" are disappointed in the stands and the Milanese are celebrating the upcoming conquest. However, in the second half, Rafa Benitez's players are completely different and in six minutes they make it 3-3! Now, the emotions were inversely proportional and with excellent rebounds by Dudek, the final was led to penalties. There, the Liverpool players were cooler and reached one of the biggest upset in finals in the history of the Champions League.



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